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 Welcome to my personal website! 

 naturally almost everything here is connected to theater: all my life is - or  at least was till now - organized around theater. 
 but even in a virtual space i prefer 
first to be seen as a person, not just as a  professional figure. 
 and since it's my home-page I'd like to introduce myself by presenting the people who happened to become the pillars of my life and my world. 
 all other parts of this site, of course, will be devoted to my craft, to what has   been done and what's in progress.  you'll find here 
images and videos from my travels, 
interviews and reviews on the shows, publications and links to related sites. 
 official bio, curriculum vitae and some texts can be found and downloaded by clicking on appropriate links.
 please feel free to contact me by provided email or by filling out the contact   form at the end of this site. 
 thanks for visiting, hope to meet you in person someday. 

Oleg Liptsin      

Oleg Liptsin
short bio and credits

Mr. Liptsin studied theater in GITIS - Russian University of Theater Arts in Moscow with Mikhail Butkevich and Anatoly Vasiliev.  He worked as an actor and assistant director at Moscow State Theater "School Of Dramatic Arts" - Theatre de'l Europe under artistic direction of A.Vasiliev.  For several years Oleg performed in a worldwide known production of "Six Characters In Search Of An Author" by Pirandello.
In 1988 Oleg established one of the first independent theater ensembles in Ukraine - TheaterClub/Kiev, which became a leading experimental and avant-garde theater laboratory in the country.
TheaterClub/Kiev has created its own acting style based on Russian improvisational tradition developed by M. Chekhov and revised in our times by M. Butkevich.  While practicing and exploring modern acting techniques, TheaterClub/Kiev has produced a number of performances and experimental multi-art projects, which were presented not only in Ukraine but also in Austria, Poland, Canada, Russia, USA and Spain.  Such productions as Antigone by Sophocles, Me by Khvylovy, Dushess (based on Ulysses) by Joyce, The Old Woman by Gogol and Kharms - directed by Mr. Liptsin received various theatrical awards and were presented at numerous international festivals.
In early 90-th Oleg has started his directing and teaching career abroad, first in Europe and later in America.  In 1991 - a short-term residence in Shaubuhne (West Berlin) while Luke Bondy directed The Winter's Tale.  In 1993 - experimental theater/installation project Kusma based on Andrey Platonov in Upper Austria.  In 1993-94 - teaching at Konrad Wolf Film and TV Institute in Potstdam/Babelsberg, Germany.  Later - the production based on Joyce's Ulysses for international festival Kontakt in Poland.  In 1995 - visiting teacher at the National School of Drama in Delhi, India.  From 1995 Oleg started working in USA and later in Canada, from 2003 - in Paris, since 2010 - in Taiwan.
He was awarded a National Award for Experimental Work in Theater by the Theater Union of Ukraine, won the Best Director and 4 nominations for Best Director and Best Actor in Ukraine, participated in more than 30 international festivals.

Currently Mr. Liptsin works as director and professor of drama in different parts of the world.  He established and conducted the post-graduate program in directing at National Karpenko-Kary University of Theater, Film and TV in Kiev, taught acting at Slavic University in Moscow, Shelton Theater School in San Francisco, Acting International in Paris, founded the International Theater Ensemble - ITE - experimental network of independent theater groups and artists.
Recently Oleg prepared and edited a 2 volume book of theoretical writings by M. Butkevich Towards the Theater of Games, published by GITIS Publishing House in Moscow, 2010.
In 2010 he finalized his doctoral research that explores application of the Gameplay methodology in modern theatrical education and received the Ph.D. in Art History (Theater Arts).  Mr. Liptsin served as advisor to the President of GITIS on issues of international development.

Oleg's most recent directing credits include Medea/Media based on Euripides' Medea, A Gorgeous Bird  based on A.Chekhov's The Seagull, Collector based on John Fowles, Endgame by S.Beckett, Overcoat based on N.Gogol, Three Sisters by A.Chekhov, The Twelfth Night by Shakespeare, Outcry by T.Williams, Notes From Underground  based on F.Dostoevsky.  Currently Oleg is working on the original adaptation of short stories by Bruno Schulz and on establishing the independent educational program Seminar Of Ludique Theater.

Most recent Curriculum Vitae can be seen by clicking on the icon below:

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