Oleg  Liptsin

theater  director,  actor,  educator
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Directed by Oleg Liptsin



 translation by
 innokenty annensky 
 adapted and directed by
 oleg liptsin 

 MEDEA - ekaterina kisten 
 jason - igor rubashkin 

 premiered in kiev, ukraine on march 27, 2017 

CIT, -   Masterklass  -   ITE 

 Oleg  Liptsin  ' interactive   production 

 based  on  F. Dostoevsky   - Notes  From  Underground - 

 in collaboration with 
 KM CORE group of It companies,  -   Kiev. Ukraine 

  performed  by  
  oleg  liptsin 
 anna  lubarskaya 

 video design   -   Pavel  Rymkevich  
 video clip  -atrocities-  By  Serge  Levchin 

  premiered  in  Sept- 2015 
  on stage   of - Masterklass-  Art  center 
 kiev.  ukraine 
 for more details - click on the poster 
Семинар Игрового Театра
совместно с Мастерклассом

представляют спектакль
Олега Липцына


по известной пьесе А.П.Чехова

премьера - март 2015 

ближайшие спектакли - с 6 по 29 июня 2015 в г.Киеве

информация о спектакле и билетах - на сайте Семинара:


original theatrical creation 
inspired by John Fowles' novel and film of Michelangelo Antonioni

 directed by Oleg Liptsin 
 performers: Ai-Cheng Ho and Ray Yeh 

performances at Taipei National Theater (Experimental Stage)
 April 18-20, 2014 
produced by ITE-Taipei

Theatrical creation of COLLECTOR in Taipei, 2014 was inspired by the same name bestseller of John Fowles published in UK, 1963, as well as by classical cinematography of the 60-th such as Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up (1966), Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), Jacques Demy’s Umbrellas of Cherbourg, (1964).  In a way, our creation is a tribute to the generation of the 60th of last century when the human race was re-defining the boundaries of such fundamental notions of our being as the human rights, democracy and individual freedom, which were so brutally wrecked by the atrocities of the 2nd World War.

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- click on the poster to watch a short clip
for more information - visit the ITE's Facebook page:

 Participant of Edinburgh Fringe - 2013 
based  on  the  story  by  nicolai  gogol
adapted  and  directed  by  oleg  liptsin

performed by

ai-cheng ho and wen-pin lin

ite-teipei production
                                                 Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Daily Planet

  in memory of Barbara Bray  
by  Samuel  Beckett
directed by
    Oleg  Liptsin

 performed by

greg  young
oleg  liptsin
phil  estrin
gale  bradley

technical support -
Fritz  zimmermann
edward  boenig

produced  by  ITE-San Francisco
premiered  in July 2013  at  Royce  gallery  in  sf

  ITE’s production of Endgame aims at the humorous, humane side of Beckett's masterpiece and its    paradoxical vision of ending as a preposition for continuation, obstacle as a cause of movement, game     as a source of life.  

To see more on ENDGAME click on the p

oster image, to read Ken Bullock's review click on his quote above


based  on  the  short  novels  

adapted  and  composed  by
Rafael  levchin  and  oleg  liptsin

to  be  produced...

  В привычках, в способе жизни той реальности проявляется своего рода принцип панмаскарада.    Реальность обретает определенные формы только для видимости, шутки ради, для развлечения.  Кто-то -    человек, а кто-то - таракан, но форма эта не затрагивает сущности, она только на минутку взятая роль,    только оболочка, которая через секунду будет сброшена...  И это блуждание форм является сущностью жизни. 

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